What do you want in your life? What are your ultimate goals? What is life really all about? Through the process of searching these answers and meanings, I finally found my definition of success. Happiness. I chose my goal to be happy, and to make other people happy and healthy, physically and mentally. Following that objective of my life, I created Farm Girl Organic, a platform where I can share and inspire others to have a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Why “Farm Girl Organic”?

Because it represents a fresh & natural way of living. Someone who eats from-farm-to-table meals, something fresh, natural, and organic. Someone who prefers natural, from-farm-to-face beauty products. Someone who truly looks and feels healthy and happy from the inside out.


What Farm Girl Organic involves?

Farm Girl Organic emphasises on all round well-being as I believe that everything is connected.

  • Healthy (mostly) plant-based recipes
  • General info for your health and beauty
  • Tips for mindfulness

So, let’s get glowing!



Contact: farmgirlorganic.info@gmail.com